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Shuttle Service


We currently have a large fleet of vehicles, both light trucks and vans for pickups and deliveries or express transport, trailer or towing trailer to meet any need that our customers may have.

All equipped with GPS locating system, do not exceed the age of 5 years, continuously growing and modernizing for customer loyalty and by commitment to the environment.

We perform any route within the EU, without renouncing to sell benefits and expand the market for our customers in any part of the world that may be required.


We also dispose of light vehicle to offer our customers a quick service to those shipments which cannot wait.This is how we perform express transportation both nationally and internationally, giving our clients the possibilityto know the position of their shipments at any time, to the maximum rigour, responsibility and punctuality.


Our group has over 20000 m2 of facilities perfectly equipped to offer our customers the highest quality of service in terms of merchandise deposit, handling and preparation of orders, transits and rigorous stock control, always keepingdetailedinformation of all the activities carried out.


Eurotir Logistics, an Eurotir group company, has facilities in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and the Oporto headquarters.With them all we have over 20000 m2 at the service of our customers, with our own car wash and petrol station for our vehicles, knowing that the image we give is the mirror of our customers’.

All the facilities have spacious offices, with the most advanced computer systems managing the logistics, and perfectly conditioned warehouses, always loyal to the service of progress together with our customers.

Eurotir Logística S.L.
Rambla de Pau Casals 1 Local 2
08780 Pallejà Barcelona

(+34) 93 663 36 58 | Fax: (+34) 93 663 36 59 | info@eurotirlogistica.com